Have you bought a new Windows 10 but still missing the critical features of Microsoft? Your Windows 10 is still incomplete without a Windows 10 office 2016. It is a life-saving tool provided by Microsoft. Its various tools i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, are some that the latest tool that you haven’t heard of. These new tools include One note, Todo, Calendar, Project, Database, and more. Here are some critical tips from https://www.cdkey365.com/ for using Office word, excel for you. These tips will make your experience of office and excel easy and awesome.

MS Office tips:

1. Selecting a paragraph is very easy with this new feature. You can select a para by making 3 quick clicks anywhere in the para.

2. You can delete a previous word while writing by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the backspace button.

3. Spelling and grammar check option in the review tab helps to check your long copy in seconds. It saves you a lot of time spend on proofreading.

4. Increase your font size by pressing Ctrl + Shift key+ >

     Decrease your font size by pressing Ctrl + Shift+ <.

5. The help feature is now modified to “Tell me what you want to do” which is more interactive.

(“Bonus tip”) You can now insert Microsoft or third-party add-ins to your MS office tools. Thousands of add-ins are available in the Microsoft store. These add-ins make your writing/editing experience a step ahead. This awesome feature is available in the insert tab.

Tips for MS excel:

1. Resize column and rows: This amazing feature makes the resizing of rows/columns very easy. Select the column/rows you want to resize. Now select the format button in the Home tab and adjust the height and width.

2. Add extra column, row, and cell: Click the insert button, a small dialog box will appear. Here you can select the desired option to add a row, column, or cell.

3.Freeze panes: Freeze pane is a very cool feature. It freezes a row/column while scrolling through a spreadsheet without losing focus. You can access the freeze pane menu in the view tab and choose the desired option to freeze a column or row.

4.Number/symbol Formatting: You can give a specific value to format numbers in a spreadsheet. Use the number tab within the format cells dialog to do so. Then select the number or currency symbol you would like to format.

5.Easy auto-calculation: You can now carryout Calculation like Addition, multiplication, subtraction easily. This cool feature helps you save your time. Click a cell in the column/row and then by pressing Shift key click the next cell to which you want to do the calculation. You will see all the cells selected and a small icon appearing near selection. Clicking this icon, you will get a dialog box to choose from. Here you can select the calculation you want for your data.

Order now, and buy Microsoft office 2016 to make your windows experience better.

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