After launching Office 2016, Microsoft reveals that it is adopting the same update strategy that it is taking for Windows 10.  That means the updates for Office 2016 are installed along with the updates to the Windows operating system through the Windows Update service. Each time these apps find that you are connected to the Internet they start to download and install the updates automatically on your computer. While installing updates is good and it ensures all of your apps are on their latest versions, some users have their own reasons for not doing so.

Disabling automatic updates in Office 2016 is fairly easy and you can get it done in two minutes flat. Here’s how you can go about doing that:

Step 1: Stop Office 2016 Automatic Updates using the Windows Panels

  • Microsoft pushes product updates automatically through Windows updates if you are running genuine Microsoft products in your PC. To stop Windows update from downloading product updates, Go into the Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update > Advanced Options. Turn off the Toggle Switch that says “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows.” Once the option is disabled Windows update stops looking for the product updates.

Step 2: Disable  Office 2016 Automatic Updates using the Office Suite App

  • This step will disable the Office updates (Disables Microsoft Office ClicktoRun Updates). Once the Microsoft product update is turned off in the Windows update, open any of the office products, say Microsoft Office Word or Excel. Goto File and access Account tab from the side menu. Click on the Update Options and Select Disable Updates. A User Account Control Window Pops up asking your permission. Click ‘Yes’ in the Window to disable the Updates.

Since Microsoft Office updates can contain critical fixes to prevent security breaches on your system, it is recommended that you do not stop these updates. A safer option is to select “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.” Windows will notify you if there are any important updates but will not download and install these automatically. You can then decide when and where to do so.

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